Brainwave-Like Neural Activities in Organoids!

Organoid technology has been steadily advancing over the past few years, but a lot remains to be explored with respect to the formation and function of neural circuits within these structures.  Our study provides new evidence that there is indeed remarkabe cellular complexity, particualrly when you fuse together cortical and ganglionic eminence organoids, as this allow for the formation and functional integration of both excitatory and inhibitory neurons.  Along with this cellular complexity, we observed that the organoids exhibit rhythmic neural activities known as oscillations or more commonly brainwaves.  We further use the organoid platform to describe neural network defects, particularly seizure-like activities, associated with the neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome.  We further found that these defects and seizure-like activities in the organoids can be partially mitigated by treatment with an unconventional neuromodulatory drug, pifiithin-alpha.  Together our study shows the power of the orgnaoid platform in recapitualting salient features of human neurological disorders and it's potential use in thereapeutic discovery.  For more details, please see our paper here.  For a more simplified version, please see this associated press release.